RIS Center Area Map

The main aim of the RIS system is to make IWT a transparent, reliable, flexible and easily accessible mode of transport that can compete with other types of cargo transport. The European Commission, together with the European Parliament, has identified four strategic benefits to be assigned to RIS for inland navigation:

  • competitiveness of inland navigation,
  • optimization of the use of infrastructure,
  • improving safety,
  • improving environmental protection.

RIS consists of four basic segments:

  • sensor segment – source of information,
  • data transmission segment,
  • RIS Center – place of information processing,
  • RIS users segment – information addressee.

The RIS system provides basic services for the following services:

  • providing electronic navigation maps for inland navigation (via the Inland ENC system – Inland Electronic Navigation Chart),
  • messages for ship managers (NtS- Notices to Skippers),
  • vessel traffic control system (VTT-Vessel Tracking and Tracing).